Hello Everyone!

I want to tell you a short story about one of my students. Her name is Yang Kuai. She is not one of your pen-pals, but is one of my students in the 7th grade. Two years ago her mother died of brain cancer. She has an older sister and a younger brother. Her older sister has a disease that has left her in a "vegetative state." Her dad has to take care of all of her needs: eating, going to the bathroom, dressing her, etc. Taking care of her is a full time job, thus, he is unable to work and provide for his family In China, the government does not have a social security system to provide for them, and they also do not have unemployment. For now, the family has to borrow money from relatives just to survive.

Yang Kuai wears the same clothes to school everyday and her shoes have holes in them. Today I took Yang Kuai out of school to try to buy her some things. I offered to buy her many things, but the only thing she wanted was books. Her father is too poor to buy her books and she wants to learn. After I bought her some books, I offered to buy her shoes or some new clothes, but she is humble and refused. I then took her to eat in a restaurant that was more expensive than she has probably ever eaten at in her entire life. To give you an idea what that means, I spent about $13 dollars for a meal with three people. It is difficult to find a meal for one person in the U.S. for that same price.

Today her teacher organized donations from her classmates to try to help her family. The students are able to give some money, but many of them are also poor. Her family needs money to continue to send her to school because in China you have to pay to enter school and the school's lunch and dinner together costs about $1.50 each day. If her family becomes too poor, they will no longer be able to send her to school.

Why am I telling you this? I want to ask for your help. Can you spare some money? I'm not asking for $100 dollars, or even $20. In fact, you can give as little or as much as you like, but every dollar that you give to her and her family will mean so much. If you would like to participate, I want to give her some money at Christmas time and Mr. A and I will facilitate the process.

Thank you for your generosity. Yang Kuai does not have a computer and most likely will not be able to thank you all individually, but know that you will have made a very significant impact on one family's life.

Mr. Howe