Hello China Student,
My name is McCall Voy and I live in Great Falls Montana, currently. I love to swim, text, go to movies, and do anything with my friends. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister names and ages are my sister Briar is 16, my brother is 14, I am 13, my other brother Bridger is 9, and last is Heath and he is 5.
What is Jishou like? What type of thing do you like to do? I have a rabbit, so does my little brothers. I have a dog named Nyx, and a cat named Puppy because it acts like a dog. I love animals. My favorite animal is a Kangaroo, whats yours? Do have any animals?

McCall Voy

Dear McCall,
My name is Tiger Shi. I’m 14 years old. I live in Jishou, China, it’s a beautiful city. I have a sister and she is 11. I like to play basketball, go swimming and anything with my best friends. So I hope yo0u can be our best friend. I love dogs because they are very cute. Oh! I love cats too. I drink milk every day, and I love to east fruit like apples and bananas. I know that they are good for my health. I love to eat Chinese dumpling. How about you? What kind of foods do you like? What kind of sports do you like? What’s your QQ number?
I hope you study well. Can you write to me soon?

Jishou, Tiger Shi

Hello McCall Voy:
My name is Jiang Xuan. My English name is Bob. I'm a boy. I'm fourteen years old. I'm very glad to know you.
I don't have any brothers or sisters. But I have five cousins. They think I'm a good student.
I have short straight black hair,I'm medium height and medium build. I think Jishou is beautiful. But it's a small city.
I like studying English. Because it's very interesting, I like playing computer games and reading books. My favorite movies are <<Transformers>>and<<Kung Fu Panda>>Do you know them? I think they're very exciting!
I have two goldfishes. They're very cute. But I don't have other animals. Because my mom doesn’t like animals. But I love animals, too.
Oh, I forget to say. My favorite foods are beef and tomatoes, They're very delicious! Do you like eating them?
I hope we can become good friends.
Your new pen pal
Jiang Xuan
Dear Jiang Xuan and Tiger Shi,
I love Chinese dumplings they are awesome. I don't really have a favorite food but I love fruits and vegetables too. I love chocolate and candy of course. Yes, I study well and achieve very good grades. I take 9th Honors English and 9th grade Honors Math at the high school. I hope you study well too. Do you play do a lot with your sister Tiger? I hope I can be your best friend too and you mine. I love animals do both of you? I love to swim and do gymnastics. I am on a swim team and swim whenever I can. I am not allowed to do gymnastics anymore because I broke my elbow and sprained my ankle. So my parents said they couldn't deal with anymore injuries so now I swim. In American we don't have QQ but we have Facebook which is like QQ. If you have a Facebook you can add me as a friend just search McCall Voy and it should pop up. I wish sometimes I didn't have any brothers or sister like you Jiang. But other time I love them all. I love studying everything. My friends think I'm crazy because I love to learn and enjoy school (sometimes). I have short brown hair and hazel eyes. I am average height. I love too read also. My mom and dad say I read too much. I'm sorry you don't have any other pets then goldfish. I have two goldfish also. My family and I have lots of animals. We have 9 horses, 4 dogs, 3 rabbits, 3 cats, but I'm allergic to all of them so its not always fun. Oh yeah and my mom loves chickens so we just got her some chicks. I like tomatoes but I don't like beef and most meat. I havent ever watched Transformers but my friends all says they like it, and Kung Fu Panda is an awesome movie. If you have any questions about American or anything I will gladly answer them. Write me soon! :)

Your Friend,

P.S. I'm the one on the far right. We have our names above our heads.

Dear McCall:
Today I want to tell you :In China.We have many traditional festivals.But my favorite festival is Dragon Boat Festival.I believe you can love this festival Let me tell you our traditional activities:In this day.All Chinese people are very excited.We want to held a grand competition. We gather together by the river.Team members sit on the dragon boat.They will launch the violent match in the river.So people will cheer and caper.They will feel very happy!
Of course. We have a delicious food.Its name is zongzi.Most people think it's very great,but I don't think so.
We have still a tradition in this day. We shall commemorate Qu Yuan.He is a great man in history.I respect him very much
There are a lot of others traditional festivals in China,like the Mid-autumn Festival,the Spring Festival and Ching Ming Festival and so on.What is your traditional festival in the United States?What is your favorite festival?What is your traditional activities?Please tell me soon.
I am very surprised you have so many pets.I think you must be very rich. I like studying,too.And I study well in my class.
I'm sorry to hear that.I think you should rest properly.I hope you recover soon.I give you an advice.Don't random swim. It's very bad for your wound.
Last I hope I can be your best friend,too!
Your friend
Jiang Xuan

Dear McCall,
I love spring festival very much. It’s a Chinese new year’s day. We are the most happy on this day. I know of the day in the U.S. is also very interesting. My parents will give me a lot of money; maybe they will also buy me some kinds of toys for me. We have fun! But my parents do not. They have to get up early, then my father goes to the supermarket to buy the food for the day. And my mother cooks at home. At night we all have a good time after dinner. Then I usually watch TV.
Do you know any other Chinese Festivals? Do you have any other festivals in the United States that you like very much?

Dear Tiger and Jiang,
In the U.S we call festivals holidays. I have two favorite holidays they are Christmas and Halloween. Halloween is in a few days. We dress up in costumes of people, animal, or pretty much anything we want. Then we go in our costumes and get lots of candy. The candy is so good! Christmas is where Santa comes and gives us presents. Santa is a big fat guy with a beard that always laughs and says Ho Ho Ho. He rides in a sleigh and is pulled by reindeer. He goes to every home in the U.S and climbs down their chimney just to give them their presents. He eats all our cookies. Well, he mainly takes a bite or two out of them, and drinks our milk. No wonder he's fat. On Christmas Day we get up in the morning and see what Santa left us. Everyone's parents gives then presents and we open those too. It's so fun. Last year I got a computer for Christmas. For Halloween and Christmas everyone all over the U.S puts up decorations and lights. It is so fun. My little brother use to call decoration "gooshinations" and but we didn't know what he was talking about. Tiger, I know about some Chinese Festivals but not a lot. I know that there is a Spring Festival, Fall Festival, and Dragon boat festival, and New Years but that is about all I know. Will you tell me more about your festivals? I would LOVE to learn about them!
Some other American holidays are Easter, Thanksgiving,Martin Luther King Jr Day, Presidents Day, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day,Earth Day, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, New Years, we have many more but that's all I can remember right now.
I told you about some holidays so now I want to ask lots of questions. What is your birth day? What do you want to do when you grow up? What is your favorite book? What is your favorite movie? What is your favorite TV show? What do you like to do on weekend and in your free time? What is your favorite sport? What is your favorite color? If you have any question about anything please ask. I want to know what they are, and I will gladly answer them. I have so many more questions but I have to go so write soon! :)
The Best American Ever,

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That's Santa