My name is Luke and i live in Great Falls, Montana and i go to East middle school. Montana is really big, but there aren’t many people that live here, some big towns in the US have 10 times more people than our whole state. What kind of foods do you eat in China? When you go to American restaurant's do you have trouble eating with forks? What kind of pets do you keep in China? In the United States most people have dogs, cats, and some people have lizards and snakes. Do you eat soup with chopsticks? What kind of sports do you play in China? In the United States we play Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball, My favorites are Football and Basketball. I’m guessing football is different in your country, i don’t know why Americans took the name.

Whats Jishou like? What kind of fast-food restaurants do you eat at? What do your parents do for jobs? I would assume most of them are in manufacturing because of all the stuff that is made in China. Do you think Americans all look alike? I always thought Chinese and Japanese people look alike, but America is full of immigrants, people from other countries. I learned in history today that alot of people from around the world are going to China because of the unemployment rate. Are you noticing alot of people coming to your country? What kinds of Music do you listen to in China? Do you eat taco’s in China?

Hello, Luke:
My name is Peng chaoyang, and my English name is Dicky. I will chat with you in this name. I live in Jishou of Hunan province. I'm thirteen years old and I study in Number one middle school. Jishou is not very big, but there are many people that live here. I eat rice and sometimes eat noodles. I heard the America is a very beautiful country, and I think the food there is also nice. Can you show me around your country in the future?
I have a pet at my home, it's a cat. It's yellow. I like it very much. It likes eating fish very much. It's good with us. I like sports, and I exercise on weekends. I like table tennis best, I usually play Ping-Pong ball with friends or parents. I think it's interesting. And I like to play basketball too. I'm not very tall, so it may be difficult for me.
Jishou is a beautiful city, there is a KFC fast food restaurant here. I don't think it is good for our health and I only eat it once a month. My father is a driver, and my mother is a family teacher. We have a happy family.
I hope you can tell me about yourself. Have a good time!


Hi Luke,
Glad to know you !
My name is Helen and my Chinese name is Bai Daihua. Can you guess I'm a girl or a boy? Ha! I'm a girl. I'm studying in Class 8 Grade 8 in NO.1 Middle School in Jishou city. I like eating dumplings and noodles. In China, we hardly ever use forks, we use chopsticks, if I have a chance, can you teach me to use forks? I had a tortoise, but it died a month ago. That made me very sad because it didn't eat anything, I don't know what's the trouble with it .If you know can you tell me the reasons? I like playing badminton best, but I only sometimes play it because we are very busy and we have a lot of homework every day. We can only do sports in P.E.class or on holiday. I always go to school at 6:50am and come back home at 8:20pm .We have four classes in the morning,4 classes in the afternoon, 2 classes in the evening .So, I always feel tired when I get back home. How about you? Are you different from us? I also like reading. I like reading fiction books, such as science fiction, Jules Verne the famous French writer, he is one of my favorite science fiction writers. Especially his '20000 Leagues Under the Sea. And I know there is a familiar writer in America, he is Mark Twain. His works 'Tom Sawyer' is very famous in China, too. What kind of books do you like best? Who is your favorite writer?

Dear Peng Chaoyang and Bai Daihua

KFC is definitely not healthy for you. At the KFC in Montana, the door that leads to the kitchen also goes to the bathroom!What religion are you? In America most people are Christian. Mark Twain is very famous in America, but my favorite books are the Hunger Games series. In America there arent very many Chinese restaurants that are healthy, most of them are very cheap. I think we are different. I think forks are very easy to use, you only have to use one hand at a time, and i think they are a lot easier to eat with than chopsticks. In some parts, like Montana, America is a beautiful country, We have only 6 hours in a school day, and have 9 short classes. In America most people only play baseball, soccer, football, and basketball. We have a dog for a pet, her name is Abby. My dad is a doctor for breast cancer, and my mom does not work.
A holiday we have coming up in a few days is Halloween. I think it is kind of a pointless holiday, we celebrate dead people and demons. But most people celebrate it anyways because we get free candy. -Luke 10-26-2010
Dear Luke,
It's very thanks for you advice me to don't eat KFC.It's really not good for my health.You said the door that leads to the kitchen also goes to the bathroom.Maybe it's true.It's too dirty and that let me feel the whole body take out goosebumps. Although it isn't like that in Jishou.I decide that I don't eat it from now on.In China,most people haven't religion,I'm one of them,but some people believe in Islam,like Hui nationality, Buddhism and Tibetan, some people also are Christion. From your words , I really feel you're too happy. You only have to study at school for 6 hours .But what do you do when you are free? I think you are diffferent from other American children. From my classmates' pen pals' letters ,most of them like Halloween very much and they often make bizarre ways to celebrate it.But you say it's a kind of poinlless holiday. I must
say you are special.Of course ,it is great , it can make people be different from others.Er....How many members in your family? Oh, what's your favorite festival in America? (Hey! It's sure not to say'I don't like festival at all .' )Haha! Now, let me tell you something about my favorite festival in China.My favorite festival is Sping Festival .The most reason is when it's coming, we'll have a long vacation .But we also have a final exam before it. It doesn't matter I always get good grades and I can be more happy.Do you want to know more about Spring Festival.OK,I 'll tell you a story .It begins on the January 1 of the lunar calendar, and ends on Lantern Day, or the January 15 of the lunar calendar. As the Chinese New Year starts in Late January to mid-February.In ancient China ,there was a terrible beast that is named 'Nian'.Nian would come out the first day of New Year to eat livestock,crops and even villagers ,especially children.To protect themselves, villagers put bowls of food outside their door ,so Nian would eat the food instead of their children. Suddenly,the villagers saw a child in red ,when Nian saw the child who was in red ,he was scared away.So the villagers realized that Nian was afraid of red.From then on the villages wore red,placed red scrolls over their doors and lanterns outside their homes . Nian never came back to the village.This formed the Spring Festival today.Do you think it's a very interesting story?
During the Sping Festival all family members usually pay a New Year's visit and have family reunion dinner at the same time ,we celebrate to each other .We can get red papers that is money from relativies.I usually use the money to buy books,to go to the movies ,to enjoy delicious food and so on.At around 12o'clock ,some parents and children light crackers. The whole sky is lighted brightly .The government always makes a fireworks show at the top of the hill or other high place.We also put Kong beacon promise down fine wish .We’ll be happiness next year . What’s the best of yourself?On the first early morning of one year ,many people get up early and they stick the reversed ‘Fu’ or hang some couplets on the front door.Some houses’windows are sticked on red paper cutlings.They are very beautiful. Do you think Spring Festival is a great vacation ? What’s your favorite festival in America? (Oh Luke, can you spesk Chines? If you know can you weave some Chines into the next letter?Can you have a try?)(*^__^*)
Helen Helen, In america the biggest religion is christian. In america we dont have many festivals, but my favorite is the sausage festival , sorry i can not speak chinese. That is an interesting story, I do like Halloween, but i dont really get the point of it. I don't get to celebrate it this year because we have basketball practice. In my family there are 5 members, including me.