Hello China Student!

My name is Bailey Brandvold and I live in Great Falls Montana! I play soccer and love to read. Montana is a fun place to live and there’s tons of room here. Whats it like to live in China? Do you play sports in
China? Whats your favorite food? I have 2 cats and a dog. I like photography and The Beatles... Do you know who they are? My teacher Mr. A said you probably did. My favorite colors are Yellow, Orange, Blue,
and Green. In Chinese are there any words that rhyme orange? There aren't any in English so I was just wondering. Have you ever been to the United States? Do you have any pets? What’s your favorite song?

Hope to hear from you soon to get the answers to my questions, Bye!:D
Bailey B.

Hello student!
I am so happy to hear from you! My name is lin Chenya, and my English name is Ann. I live in Jishou, it is a touristy city. There are many mountains. I am 13 years old and my birthday is in January. I like playing soccer too, but I don't have it. My favorite subject in school is English ,how about you? And Iike hamburger in KFC. I don't know The Beatles, but my friend tell me it's a band. I want to listen to their song. And I like to listen to the song has a lot of. I don't have pets. Your question"In Chinese are there any words that rhyme orange?" is interesting, but I don't know what's the meaning.
Ok, I hope we can be good friends, and you can often write to me in English. Bye!

Hello Bailey ,
I glad to can make pen pal with you. Do you? First, I do a self to introduce. My name is Dai yixiao. This is my Chinese name. And my English name is Katherine. I live in Jishou, Hunan. There are many trees and mountains. It is beautiful, like Montana? I read through after your letter, I guess you like sports very much. Answer your question, I like running and volleyball. I have some pets, a dog , a cat and a rabbit. I love animals because they are very cute and interesting. Do you know Lady GaGa? The famous singer. I like her songs and i think the <When there was me and you> is very nice. What do you think?
I have never gone America. I heard that the United States is a good place to have fun. Have you been to Shanghai? You should know here occurred what, yeh? Did you think about coming China? I hope I can meet you soon. That's all! Bye!

Dear Chenya and Yixiao,

It was so great to hear from both of you! I'm so glad to have you as a pen pal. I have never been to China but it sounds like a really cool place to visit. My favorite subject in school is either English or Math. I like playing Volleyball too. I hope that you can hear some of the Beatles songs soon. I have heard of Lady GaGa an dI like some of her songs too but I have never heard that song. Montana is really pretty and has lots of montans and animals. It isnt very populated and most people don't visit here. Sorry if some of my questions didnt make sense and orange is a color and a fruit. I have always wanted a rabbit!

In A few weeks we are having a holiday called halloween! It is really fun and it might be one of my favorite ones. Everyone dresses up like something. I dont know what I am going to be this yet. My first halloween costume was a dalmation. I few years ago I was a spider web. Then at night when everyone is dressed up we go "Trick-or-Treating". Trick-or-Treating is when you go around your nieghborhood and say "Trick-or-Treat!" and your nieghbors give you candy! I love dressing up with my friends and getting candy! After that my friends and I trade candy so we can have what we like. It's really fun! Whats your favorite Chinese Holiday? Do you celebrate somthing like halloween? Hope to hear from you soon!

-Bailey B.


Dear Bailey,
I heard that America has a important festival " halloween". I listen to the teacher said Halloween, it is a very interesting festival, I want with you together, but there is Chinese. Was your halloween costume a dalmation? I like the dalmation very much. They are cute and smart.
Do you know Chinese traditional festival --Like Spring Festival , The Mid-Autumn Festival ,National Day ... Each festival all has a story. That story may be interesting or sad. In all of the festival. I like Spring Festival best. That today, everyone is very busy and happy. Today is each family's festival also is our Chinese festival,so we are very active. All the family members to stay at home. Let us feel very warm. At home,we can talk about someting,play games and watch the Spring festival evening party. This is a good TV program to have fun, everybody likes to watch it. It's so interesting. Oh,dumplings! Do you want to eat them? They are Chinese traditional food. I like them very much because they're tasty.
Finally, hope you have a good festival. Happy halloween!
Katherine .

Dear Bailey B:
Thanks for your letter.recently,we have a The mid-term exam.I am stressed out.And I am busy everyday.I think I can listen the Beatles songs.Last week,I saw you and your photos of students.I don't know whether you also see my photo.I really want to know what you do every day.
Well,you tell me the holiday is interesting!In china , my favorite Chinese is Chinese New Year,it's just like Christmas,do you know?At Chinese New Year,all people go to the supermarket to buy things.So the shops are too crowded.I like to go shopping with parents, because I can buy many I love to eat candy!The last day of the year is Chinese New Year's eve. On this day, every family busy big meal supper. The children in the snow firecrackers, it's really very interesting. At night, after the meal, we ate family sit together watching the Spring Festival evening.When at zero, we together and celebrate the New Year's coming.Then,My family and I go to watch the fireworks in the sky, with a fireworks bloomed,I always keep it cheers. The next day, also is the first day of the New Year, we call it "the lunar New Year". I would like my parents visit my grandparents, they live in a beautiful countryside. I like play with my cousins. They only ten years old. When we give grandparents after the New Year, grandma and grandpa will give us "lucky money", I am very happy.We will stay there for two or three days.There are many traditions, like lily, it is very delicious. They will kill pig chicken to entertain guests.After get back to Jishou,I'll buy my favorite books, and talk about the interesting things with my friends.
This is the Spring Festival.Looking forward to your letter.Bye!


Dear Ann and Katherine,
Thanks for writing back! Your holidays (festivals) sound really interesting and fun! My typical day is I wake up and take a shower. After that I eat breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. After that I go to school. My friend and I ride together. I have 9 classes but they only last 45 minutes. First I have homeroom which is kind of like a study hall or free class. After that social studies, then financial literacy, then math, and then orchestra. I play the violin most of my friends do to. After orchestra I have lunch, then English, then science, and then french or gym depending on the day. That is the end of school and I come home to do homework or go to sport practices. Normally I after practice I have dinner with my family. After that I watch T.V. either by my self or with my family. What is your normal day like? I have heard of Chinese new year. It sounds really fun. For us every single holiday the stores are crowded, but probably not as crowded as yours! On the fourth of July we set off fireworks. Its in the summer though. I had never heard of the mid-Autumn festival until now. It sounds really really interesting. I think I have had a dumpling before. I am not sure though. What is your favorite celbrity? I dont know what my favorite is. I f I had to choose it would be spongebob. He is a cartoon though.

From Bailey B.