My name is Tim. I go to east middle school. The school is probably small compared to yours but that is because we live in a small state. Great falls is in the state of Montana. The whole state is covered with forests and wild life. I do alot of things on my free time and my favorite thing to do is play football. American football is probably not the type of football you are used to. you could look it up on the Internet and see that American football is alot of fun. My favorite school subject is Gym because we get to work and get in better shape. What is your favorite subject in school. What is your favorite sport? Do you like where you live? I like where I live. What is Jishou like? Is it heavily populated? Do you guys have pollution. Great falls doesnt have pollution and it is not very heavily populated. Do you guys have some sort of football there? Write back whenever you can i would love to hear about Jishou


Dear Tim
I am very glad to hear from you.My name is Xiang Pengdi.I am a 13 years boy.I study in the No.1 Meddle School.My school is not small and not big.It is very beautiful.there are more than three thousand students in our school.there is a big playgrounp.In the middle of the school,my favorite sport is running.After school I often run around the playground.my faverite sudject is math it is difficult,but it let me get clever.I love where I live,becouse there are manymountain around our city.There is a river running though our city.The water in the river is very clean.The air is very fresh.In summer,we usually go to swimming in the river.The populatian is not heavily.The football is black and white.It is as big as all footballs.I hope we may be good friends.
Xiang Pengdi

Hello Tim,
My name is Yang Ziwei.I am a Chinese girl.Vera is my English name.I go to First middle shool.The shool is big.I love my shool ,it's beautiful and warm .At there I don't have too much free time ,except weekends. Because we have to study about 13 hours a day! So in my free time ,I most like going bike riding and playing football ,but here doesn't have much sort of football. My favorite subject is English ,because I think it's fun .And second s P.E. our shool doesn't have gym, so Ionly like playing soccer and volleyball on playground. In addition others very boring .I think you are really like sports ,you must very heaithy.
Jishou is not very heavily populated,but have terrible pollution. I don't litter and pollute. Jishou has o lot of hills .Almost people here like to go hiking .the streets shops and houses are the same as other cities in China.So I really envy you very much because you live in the so good place .
Do you have brothes or sisiters?I don't have brothers or sisters .How about your bedroom?My room is always clean ,bcause I have a very good mother,she usually clean my room. How about your shool lives? I think we shouln't study too much time,I may be crazy on day.We have lunch and supper in the shool hall,but that isn't delicious.So sometimes I buy some candy to eat.
What kind of music do you like ?I like country music ,pop music ang jazz.And my favorite singer is Justin·Bieber.
You said you are live in Great falls. Is there really have big falls?Is it beautiful ?Are there a lot of green plants there?I really want to know more about you .Can you tell me ?Look forward ti your reply.
Your friend,

Dear Xiang Pengdi and Yang ZiweiHey guys thanks for typing back great to hear from you. Jishou sounds like a nice place, And you guys seem like you enjoy it. I really like great falls it is awesome it is not very big at all it is actually very small. But yes it does have falls hear they are beautiful. We dont have very many plants in our city but we live in a state where everywhere is pretty much a forest. The state is very mountainous and amazing. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is 10 and my sister is 16. My bedroom is usually messy because i usually dont want to get up and clean it. My favorite type of music is Rock and alternative. But I am very excited because this month on October 31 Halloween happens. Halloween is when a whole bunch of kids dress up in scary costumes and go to peoples doors and say trick or treat. Then the people give them candy. The whole month is supposed to be scary and it can be. There are scary movies on the T.V. all month and that is pretty much it. But my favorite part is that i get to hide and then pop out at peolple and scare them. It is so much fun. What is your favorite holiday and when are they. Do you have anything like halloween. Cant wait to hear back form you. Also do i have a name besides tim haha.Sincerely tim

Dear Tim,,
My favorite traditional festival in china is spring festival
To tell the truth, this festival is not very funny, I like it just because when it comes, we will have a long vacation . When it comes, people will be busy, because they have to prepare for spring festival. They have to cook, making dumplings and preparing a gift for their children.
On that day ,the families will have a dinner together, they are talking ,playing and watching a special program .They will leave each other in blessing. At midnight, each and every family will shoot fireworks. The children favors this, because the fireworks are really beautiful!
People will make a special dumpling, A silver is put inside one of the dumpling. Whoever finds the coin will be especially lucky in the coming year. But I never find it.
This festival has a legend. Long, long ago ,it’s a to have blame the animal that was everywhere and damaged the life, people were very afraid of it. One day ,A hero killed it, letting people cross into the happy life. .People remember this day, and remember this hero, so we call this day the ‘Spring festival’. It’s a symbol of starting a new life.
When it comes I will go to countryside and visiting my grandparents .They will cook many delicious foods for me .I love my grandparents. And at here I can go fishing ,go bike riding, run in the prairie and climb in the mountains .At night I will lay on the grass and look at the sky .Just thinking it is wonderful! But this festival also has a harm. When it comes ,all shops, all cinemas and all fast restaurant will close so I can’t play with my friends.Anyway, this is an important festival, and people all like it.
Oh ,you said you want to have a Chinese name right? Um....how about 'Li Zhixuan'? I think 'li' it is a cool first name .You are handsome so I hope your name is the same as your look! But if you dislike this name, I to understand the mistake and you can tell me.
When Halloween comes, can you tell about your holiday lives? How do you spend this festival? What shape do you dress up into? How about your favorite festival? And when it comes, What will you do? Can’t wait your letter!
Your friend ,

Dear Vera
Hi again. Thank you for typing back the letters are very cool I look forward to them all the time. O and thank you for the compliment on me being handsome... also the name is very cool. The spring festival sounds like alot of fun. that must be the best holiday ever. we have a thing like that it is called new years day. On new years eve we all go over to peoples houses and have a big party and watch the new years eve party on tv. Then at midnight there is a big ball and it lights up and with about 10 seconds to midnight every body starts counting down from 10 and when the ball gets to the bottom we all cheer. People also shoot off fireworks all night long it is really pretty amazing.
We also have lots of other festivals but like i said in the last letter halloween is coming up very soon and i cant wait. We all dress up in scary costumes like zombies which are people that are dead but are still walking. It is very fun this year i think me and my friend Keegan who is typing to someone else are just going to hop out and scare people. Very fun!!
O and also the name you chose was awesome i like it. So i have a couple questions for you... What is your favorite band. Mine is disturbed. i know it is a weird name for a band but it is a rock/metal band. Another question is how long does your school day go how many days of the week do you go do you have a summer vacation type of thing. Summer vacation is where we are off of school for 3 months. Do you have a favorite celebrity. Mine is james farrior. He is a player for my favorite football team the pittsburgh steelers. Cant wait to hear back for you.
Tim aka Li Zhixuan