Hello Jishou Student,
My name is Marina. I live in Great Falls, Montana. I go to East Middle school, the number of kids who go to school here is very little compared to you guys! Montana is a beautiful place to live! We have mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and more. We have a lot of wild life here, like grizzly bears, deer, fox, mountain lions, bobcats and a lot of birds and fish.
I love to play softball here in Great Falls, I play on a traveling team so I go all over my state and sometimes to other states. Softball is my life I train year round even though I only play actual games for 2 months. I also play basketball, and I actually have a game tonight, so I am excited.I love to be with my family. In the summer we travel so I spend a lot of time with my family which makes me love them even more! I am secretary of my middle school so i get to chime in on ideas and get to decide what things we could do to help our school, we organize fun activities like dress up days and pep rallies! But also we are split up into teams so we can also see our friends who, we don't have any classes with.
I have told you a lot about me! If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask me about more things about my self. So what are some things about you? What sports do you play? Are you in any clubs like chess club, or student government? How big is your family? And what is China like?
Alright its was nice writing to you if you can try to write back! I would love to hear from you!
Sincerely, Marina!!!

My name is Cruise.I am from Jishou,Hunan. I going to No.1 Middle School, there are many people here to study. The teacher are very kind and we love them a lot.
I like going sightseeing, like going to Shanghai to see the Expo, going to Hainan to see the sea and beaches. I like the cities by the sea , the weather will be sunny and cool ,it is perfect .
I know in you hometown has grizzly bears .and China has pandas ,they are cute and clever . They are in black and white .oh! I am their fans and I have many pictures about them . Like Huanhuan, and more ....... I guess you will like them ,too.
I like eat Chinese food ,like beef and tomato noodles ,dumpings and rice .they are very delicious. Do you know them ?
For the exercise .I like ...... oh! maybe jumping. Do you know the reason? It is fun: I am a little short ,but I want to be tall . And I have very short hair ,look like
a boy .we call this is "T", this is fashion!
So, I have told you something about me and China .I want you can tell me about the USA . I Hope we will be good friends!
sincerely Cruise

Dear friend,
Hello, Marina !I’m very glad to be your pen pal!!
It’s different from your country that. Shan is my family name. Sui is my given name. Jess is my English name. I am studying in NO.1 Middle school. Our school is very beautiful. It is a good place for us to study. But there is hardly free time. We have a lot of things to do. I live in Jishou. Jishou is a very small city. We also have some beautiful mountains and rivers. There have all kinds of birds. People here are very warm-hearter. I love my hometown.
I like playing tennis with my parents and running in the morning.I enjoy watching Basketball Match,like NBA.My favorite piayer is Kobe.Although I can't play it,I can play violin.My favorite music is "LiangZhu",that is a Chinese classic music.Do you like listening to music?What kind of music do you like?Do you know Justin Bieber?Oh,he is a great singer!I enjoy listening to hia songs.
My family isn't very big.There are eight people in my family.I have a sister,she is only two years old.But she is very clever.She can speak lots of wordsI always babysit her on weekends.My grandparents are living in a beautiful countryside.They are keeping lots of animals in their farm.So we are not living together.They are very kind.I always miss them.My uncle and aunt are my "good friends".We often ride bikes to visit my grandparents.
You are very good.And I very admire you.I'm a English monitor in our class.But I think my English isn't very well.I hope you can help me to improve my English.I take part in a skate club.I can play a little chess.I can teach you,if you want.
Can you tell me something about your country's festivals?I'll write to you last week!!

Your friend

Dear 单穗 and 单穗,
Thank you for writing back to me! I can answer a few of your questions, I like listening to music in fact sometimes I will fall asleep listening to music! I like all types of music like pop, country, rap, hip hop, and everyone loves rock and roll! I do know who justin bieber is he big in Jishou? He is huge here Everybody has him on their ipods. Do you guys have an ipod? Your family compared to mine is huge! I have 5 people that live in my house my mom, dad sister and my brother I also have a dog named snickers. I used to play chess a ton, but I have forgotten how to. Right now I am learning how to speak French at my school. Do you guys have any language classes where you are? I am in band class I play the trumpet! Do you guys play an instrument?

Some holidays in The USA are Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines day, 4th of july( United states of America's independence day). What are some of your holidays?
Halloween is when we dress up in costumes and go around to houses and say trick or treat and we will get tons of candy!! We decorate with pumpkins, black cats, full moons, witchs globlins and skeletons!! It is celebrated on October 31st, which is also my grandmothers birthday.
On the 4th of July we set off tons of fireworks in the night sky, it's a beautiful and memorable time in the United States of America.

Some facts about America: Our countries capital is Washington DC. Our largest cities are Los Angeles( This is where all of our movies andtv shows are filmed, there is some major site seeing there!), New York City, New York ; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Philedelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona San Diego, California; San Antonio, Texas; Dallas, Texas; and San Jose, Calafornia. Our largest state is Alaska. This year(2010) 308 million people live in the USA! Tell me something about Jishou!
The bell just rang so talk to you later!!


Dear Marina,
Thanks for your letter!I can answer a few of your questions.Ican play the violin and I was already through the violin eight.I can speak a little Japanese.
This time I want to tell you about traditional Chinese festival.We have Spring Festival.It's the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together,just like Christmas in the western countries.And my favorite fesitival is the Moon Festival.
The Moon Festival is very popular on August 15th according to the Chinese lunar calendar for the purpose of family reunion.Eating mooncakes and enjoy the beautiful moon together with family members are the most popular activities,that people often do on that day.At Jishou,a few days before the festival,everyone in the family will help to make the house clean and beautiful.lantems will be hung in front of the house.In the evening there will be a big family dinner.People will light the lanterns which are usually red ahd round.Children will play with thier own toy lanterns happily.At night the moon is usually round and bright.People also enjoy the moon while eating mooncakes which are the special food for this festival.They can look back on the past and look forward to the future together.
Jishou has two Minority nationalities--Clan of Tujia and Miao Clan.They also have some special festival,like"March 3rd,eat the egg","june 6,air the imperial robe in the sun",ect.So Jishou is a special city too.
I want to know something about Christmasin west.Can you tell me?Haha.
Your frend,

Dear Jess,

Well I love Christmas! The Christmas colors are Red and Green. We put a huge tree in our house and decorate it with garland, and ornaments. Ornaments can be anything you like it could be an apple, an ice scater, TV characters etc. We hang stockings on the chimney.Before everyone goes to bed kids will put out cookies and milk for Santa. There is a guy called Santa Claus!He is big jolly guy, he dresses in a big red suit with a hat that has a big fur ball on the top, he has long, curly, white hair. He comes at midnight or later when everyone is a sleep in the house. He lands his sleigh pulled by eight rain deer. He grabs his big sack of toys for all the children in the world. He slides down the chimney and puts presents under the Christmas tree. He fills the stocking with all kinds of goodies. But if you are a bad kid... he will fill the stocking with coal. Before he leaves he will eat the cookies and drink the milk for the ride.Do you have any other Festivals?

My favorite singer is eminem! He is a rap singer. But I like a lot songs from Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Enrique Iglesias, Jordan Sparks,Orianthi. and many more.You like Justin Bieber right? Hes awesome... He has definatley spread out through all world. In my free time I play Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, sing, dance, hangout with my friends and not the funnest thing but homework! One of my fears is public speaking. I hope we can be good friends.

Your friend marina!!!