Hi China student,

My name is Keegan. I live in Great Falls, Montana. I go to East Middle School Junior High. There are around 500 kids here at East. I play basketball and soccer. In Montana our sun is yellow. And every once in awhile it is orange or red. What color is your sun? My favorite sport is soccer. I have played soccer for 10 years! I have played basketball for 6 years. I played football for 2 years, once was flag and once tackle. Montana is filled with mountains and plants and trees and wildlife. It is a very great state.

What is it like living in Jishou? I have always wanted to travel to China! What do you guys like to do for fun? My favorite food is Chinese food! Do you have nice weather? Do you like living in Jishou? What sports do you play? What is your school called?

Sincerely, Keegan
Dear Keegan,
My Chinese name is ZhouTing. My English name is Grace. I live in Jishou.I am in No.1 middle school. I am a 12 years old girl. I am of medium build and have a black hair. My favorite subject is English. It is fun. My faverite color is red ,it is beatiful .Ang my favorite fruit are apples. They are delicious. I don’t like to do sports.But I like to watch basketball games.I always take vacations in the countryside,because I like nature. I can forget all my probles and I can have fun under the trees. I have many friends.They are very friendly.Today,we have nice weather.Do you like Jishou?I hope you can enjoy my school.I like America.How old are you? I hope we can become friends and I hope you have a good time erevy day!


My name is Song Yijing.You can call my English name,jenny.I′m 14 years old. How old are you?I live in jishou.My school is called No.1 middle school.There are around 3000 students at No.1 middle school.It′s always windy and sunny in Jishou.And in Jishou our sun is the same as yours.Oh,you asked me that what sports do I play and do I like living in Jishou.Ok,let me tell you!My favorite sports is table tennis.I have played table five years!And I like living in Jishou.jishou is very small,but is very relaxing!Do you like Jishou?
Do you want to travel to China?I also want to go to the United States!Do you have nice weather in Great Falls,Montana?Do you like living in Great falls,Montana?And do you have Chinese teacher?
Hope to speak to you again another time!

Dear 周婷 and

Song Yijing
Hi again! Um you asked how old i am and i am 13 years old but i will be 14 in a couple months. I like living in Great Falls, it is a very nice and friendly town. Jishou sounds very interesting and you guys sound interesting. I have always wanted to travel to China and i hope i will get the chance to. Um, i wanted to ask, is table tennis the same as ping pong? We have a holiday coming up called Halloween and that is where people dress up in scary costumes and the kids go and knock on people's doors and the people give the kids candy and the whole month is supposed to be scary. It is very fun! What is your favorite Chinese holiday?
Your friend, Keegan
Um,you asked me is table tennis the same as ping pong.Ok,lettell you!I think table tennis is the same as ping pong.Thats really very fun!And you asked me whatmy favorite Chinese holiday.Um,my favorite Chinese holiday is Dragan Boat Festival.When the Dragan Boat Festival come,we will have some interesting activities,like dragan boat race.Do you know the dragan boat race?Oh,there are many people from different boats to have race.These boats are called dragan boats,It s very interesting!Do you remember the Dragan Boat Festival?Oh,I love it very much!
China is a traditional country!I love China very much!And you?
Hope you have a good Halloween Festival!
Talk to you soon!
Dear Jenny,
I looked up dragon boat racing on the computer and it looks very fun and interesting. I have always been interested in Chinese cultures. I am not very good at table tennis/ping pong, haha. Do you dress up for the Dragon Boat Festival? Um, what is your favorite singer/band or actor? My favorite band is Metallica. Metallica is a rock/metal band. What type of music do you have in China?
Your friend, Keegan