My name in Brandon Bilbrey. I live Great Falls, Montana. Montana is not a big place like China. It is kinda small. There are lots of forests and mountain ranges here. I go to east middle school. Our school is really small compared to most schools. After school I play football. Football is my favorite sport. American football is probably different then the football your used too. My favorite subject in school would probably be gym.

What is it like in Jishou? Is your town big or small? Do you play any sports? What is your favorite subject in school? Is there a lot of crime in your city? Is your sun orange and red because of pollution? I hope you wright back.

Brandon Bilbrey

Hello! Dear Brandon Bilbrey.
First, thanks very much for your letter. Then let me tell you something about myself. My name is huyuanmeng. My English name is Angel. I live in Jishou. Jishou is a very small city in chian. There are a lot of moutains and lakes ranges here, and Jishou is a beautiful city. I only can speak a little Englishi. So,can you help me to study Englishi better. I study in No.1 middle school. Our school is a little big compared to most schools. I don't like any sports.Beause we have a lot of homework. I have no time to do sports. And I'm very lazy. At gym class, I always like to play football. But I can't play it well. In school, my favorite subject is Englishi and art. Beause I like Englishi songs ang I like drawing. Maybe my city has a little crime, but I have never see it. Jishou does not have much pollution. So, our sun is blonde and orange.
I love cartoons very much. Do you like cartoons? I would like to know how you spend your day? And I am very like to go to the movies. Do you like it? And I'd like to know about your famliy. Could you tell me? Thank you very much. I hope you are very happy when you get my letter.

Dear Angle,I'm not the biggest fan of cartoons but there is some that I like. Usually how I spend my day is I go to physical therapy, because I have back problems, then I go to school and after school I have football practice, and after football practice I hang out with friends and go home. I love going to the movies, what is your favorite? I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. One of my brothers is16 and the other is 6. My sister is 12 years old. Both of my parents are in there 30's. Can you tell me about your family life? Do you know about Halloween? Halloween is a holiday in America. We celebrate it every year on October 31. To celebrate it kids dress up in costumes and go trick or treating. Trick or treating is where you go to other peoples houses and they give you candy. What is your favorite holiday and when is it. Do you have any holidays like Halloween. Thank you for writing back! Sincerly,Brandon 10/26/10
Dear Brandon:
Thanks for your letter last time, and I'm very happy to receive it.
I will now ansewer your question:
First, I have too many films I like, so I don't know what my favorite movieis. Maybe Disney cartoons. Maybe is comedy movie. How about you? What's your favorite? When I was young my parents got divorced.But I never think that is very sad. My mother and Ilive together. There are four people in my family. My stepfather, my mother, my sister and I. My sister is 12-year-old. My family is happy everyday.I know a little about halloween. I'm very envy you have this holiday. DO you know about Spring festival? The Spring festival is Chinese New Year. This is a very big holiday in china. We celebrateit every year on January 1 in Chinese calendar. In Spring festival, Children will go to visit their elders, every houseold in the Chinese New Year. Children will kowtow congratulations. Then the elders will give children a red envrlope with some money in them, more or less. That is very interesting. What do you think of Spring festival?
Then let me ask you several question.
Do you like your school life ?How many courses do you have ?Do you have lots of homework? What time do you finishi shcool?Do you have some interesting thingsin your life? Can you tell me?


Dear Angle,
Thanks for writing back to my letter. My favorite movie is probably hangover. Its a really funny movie, have you ever watched it. Thank you for telling me about your Spring festival. It sounds like a great holiday. In school I have many courses. I have home base, art, english, music, E.C.S, math, lunch, gym, and then social studies. What classes do you have? I have homework almost every night but its usually not alot. Do you have lots of homework? I finish school at 2:50 or 2:15 on Wednesday. What time do you get out? The only really interesting things in my life now is that my birthday is coming up on October 30th and I went hunting and got an antelope. If you have any questions about Halloween then ask me. My favorite celebratory is Russel Crow. Do you have a favorite celebratory? if so who is it? I hope you write back.
Brandon Bilbrey