My name is Phyllis Jenkins and i am an 8th grader. I live in Great Fall Montana and i have lived here all my life. It is a small town but i enjoy it. I go to East Middle School and i really like the subject history. Ms. Arnott is the teacher, and she is a really good teacher, too. i have lots of other teachers too. I have 8 teachers, and enjoy all of their classes.
How are things in Jishou? i hope things are good. What are some of your classes like? I like to read, alot, and i am only 13! Do you like school? I like school for the most part, but other times, i am just tired.
Do you play any instruments? I play the viola, violin, and the cello. What do you like to do in your free time? Do you like any football teams? i like the steelers. its a pro football team.
Phyllis Jenkins

Hello Phyllis!
I’m from China, and I live in Jishou, Hunan. My chinese name is Chenzi Xuan , my English name is Kay. I’m thirteen years old. I come from No.1 Middle school in Jishou and my favorite subject is English. Miss Rao is my English teacher.
I like eat apple and drink mike, because I think them are for my health. I can’t play Instrument, but I excel at drawing pictures. I like seeing the world cup, although I can’t play football.
Do you like sightseeing? I like sightseeing. I went to Beijing Shanghai… but never out of the country.
Jishou is a beautiful small town, I like it very much.Some of my classes like surfing the Internet and reading some books.
I hope you have fun every day!
Your friend

Dear Kay and Julia,

I'm thirteen too! Do you like your middle school? I love my middle school. it is verry fun. I love sight seeing. i have never been out of my country ether. But i cant draw. I like your chinese name. It is very pretty. My name is an old name. it is very uncommon. I am looking forward to helping you with your English. I am very excited. Can you help me with my Chinese?

One other thing, do you have a holiday where you dress up and get treats? well here it is called Holloween. and this year, i am going to be Princess Belle from Beauty and the Best.What is your favorite holiday? mine is Thanksgiving
Well have an amazing day,
Phyllis Jenkins.


Dear Phyllis Jenkins:
I love my middle school,too.Your name is very oid,but very skillfui ,I love your name.Could you give me an English name? I can not wait !And I am looking forward to helping you with your Chinese,too.In fact ,there are a lot of interesting festifals in China.Do you know?But in these festival,and don’t need festifal dress to attend.Only can wear new clothes whey opening Spring Festifal.So,my favorite festival is Spring Festifal.Do you know?
One other thing,which celebrit do you like?Couid you tell it to me?My favorite celebrit is Zheng Shuang.She is an actress. She is very beautiful and she is really clever and excellent.And she is only 19 years old!How about you? Please write in reply as quckly as possible tell it to me !
And I love Dragon Boat Festifal,too.Because I can eat Zongzi at that day.The Zongziis very delicious .At that day ,we can hold contest the dragon boat.It’s a very interesting thing .Would you join us ? If you can fly! Just for fun,don’t mind,haha!

Dear Phyllis,
I’m very happy get your letter! I want to tell you about festival. What’s your favorite festival? My favorite festival is the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is Chinese New Year. During Chinese New Year, we should eat dumplings, and we see “the spring festival gala” program, it’s fun and interesting. Before Spring Festival, everyone hangs spring festival couplets on our door. In Spring Festival , everyone is very happy!
I heard Halloween is a very fun festival. Year? On halloween, you can play a scary, I like it. But China has not the festival. We have Traditional Chinese festivals: Qingming festival The dragon boat festival and The mid-autumn festival.
I saw your photo, you’re very lovely! Did you see my photo? If you want to study Chinese, I can help you.
I hope we are forever friend!

Dear Kay and Julia,

Thank you! I saw your pictures, too! you both are very pretty. I am so excited to get help from both of you!! What other holidays do you have in China? We have Christmas. it is a very cool holiday. we get a week off of school, and we get to spend time with our families. it is very relaxing. The spring festival sounds like a really fun time. is it? I changed my Halloween costume to a box. Can you both give me a Chinese name? Now Julia, i think i will give you the English name, Jane. i have always liked that name. I can give you an English name too, Kay. What is your favorite celebrity, Kay? Mine is Taylor Swift. She is very pretty, and really young. My favorite song is Maxwell's silver hammer, by the Beatles. the Beatles are a very old group. Can you both please tell me about the spring festival? and maybe the some of the traditional festivals.

Your Friend Always,
Phyllis Jenkins