My name is Olivia Vanni, and I am an 8th grader at East middle school in Great
Falls Montana. I’ve lived in Great Falls my entire life, which is a fairly small town, although one of the bigger in the state. It’s pretty boring here, and alot of what people my age do is play video games, and watch TV. I’m in my ECS class right now which is a class for gifted students. There are 4 kids in this class, however an average class has about 30 students. We would like to know exactly what it’s like in china, what do you like to do, and what’s school like for you.
Sincerely, Olivia Vanni
Dear Olivia: Nice to meet you .My name is XiaHan .I'm from China I'm13years old .I'm a girl.I like watching TV and piaying with my friends,my bestfriend is zhangyuan .she is a beautful girl. I'm an 8th grader too .At school we are learn English Chinese math deography history physics biology. My favorit subject is English Because It's very interesting .but I don't like math It's too difficult I have long straight hair .I'm of medium build .I like eating dumpling and cabbage .I don't like carrots. On weekend I often surfing the internet and do my homework ,or go shopping with my friends .My favorit sport is tennis .What about you ? What do you usually do on weekends? I hope we can do best friend XiaHan Dear Olivia Vanni:Hello! My name is Luo Xiaoxuan. Luo is my family name, Xiaoxuan is my given name. I also have a English name called Nina Carrey, I'm glad to know you. Now let me tell you something about myself. I'm a sunshine girl. I'm 13 years old now. Well, I live in a beautiful town. This is a small but interesting place. I'm a junior student, studying in Class 8 Grade 8. And my class is very big! Because there are 68 students in here. And we are friendly and united. Oh! My favorite subject is math, but I don't like history, And you? What's your favorite subject? I like play table tennis with my friends on Sunday morning. I think exercises are very interesting and important. Well, I eat many vegetables and few meat. I think it is very important to our health. I usually go to bed at 9:30 and get up at 6:30 next morning. Because I know and old English saying: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise! I don't like watch TV. I think it is very boring. So, I hardly ever watch TV. As for junk food, I never eat it. Because it is very dirty and it is bad for our health. Do you like eat junk food? If you answer is "Yes", I hope you eat less than before. Do you know me a little at the moment? Please write your letter to me soon. Your friend, Nina Carrey Dear XiaHan and Luo Xiaoxuan,Nice to meet you, I'm so happy to be your pen pal.On the weekends I usually just hang-out at home, and play video games or something. Occasionally I'll go over to a friend's house, but not very often. I don't really have a best friend because i have many friends. My favorite sport is volley-ball, and we play it gym. My favorite subject is math because it's challenging. I also like art, band and Spanish. I don't exercise a lot, but i don't eat a lot of junk food either. My favorite food is potato dumplings, called gnocchis, and spaghetti. I also enjoy reading. Currently I'm reading Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein", a classic horror story. In a couple weeks it will be Halloween, my favorite holiday. Halloween has it's roots in the Celtic festival "Samhain", when they believed spirits crossed into the world of the living. They had huge bonfires and dressed up to imitate the spirits, and remind them that they were dead and belonged in the spirit world. It marked the beginning of fall, and they believed these things because plants were dieing. They also hollowed out and carved turnips into little faces, and put candles inside to help scare the dead away. Today, every October 31st is Halloween, when kids dress up in costumes at night, and go door to door collecting candy. Popular costumes include vampires, werewolves, witches, princesses, and of course the classic white sheet ghost. Not every house gives you candy though. while going door to door, when someone answers the door people in costumes say "trick or treat", and the person can give you candy, or pull a trick by giving you an apple or a rock or even STEALING YOUR CANDY!!! That's only happened to me once though, and most people give you candy. We also hollow out and carve pumpkins like the Celtics did to turnips. We then bake and eat the seeds. The carved pumpkin is then called a "jack'o lantern". Do you have a holiday similar to this in china? I hoped you've learned a lot about Halloween, and I look forward to reading your next letter.Sincerely, Olivia10-26-10
Dear Olivia:
I am also very pleased to meet you! You are my first pen pal, and the United States or from far away. Yes, the photos you see me do, I'm really looking forward to your picture Oh! I, now a math class representative, like the math does not know about you? I rarely exercise, even though I know it is conducive to health. So, I hope we can work together to keep exercising every day, right? Tell you a "secret" in another week, we will hold the Games and the midterm exam, then, I might not have time to answer your letter, and I am sorry it!
Ah, I understand your country's Halloween, and now, let me tell you that our country's Dragon Boat Festival now! Lunar month, which is a traditional Chinese folk festival - the Dragon Boat Festival, which is the ancient Chinese traditional festivals. Dragon boat racing is the main festival customs. According to legend, originated in the ancient state of Chu an indispensable part of people Qu Yuan died, many people save the boat to catch up. They vie with each other, not a trace when chasing the Dongting Lake. May 5 after a year to commemorate the dragon boat. The river by dragon boat to disperse the fish, so fish eat Qu Yuan's body. And Dragon Boat Festival, eating dumplings, which is another tradition of the Chinese people. The award is called "angle of millet," "barrel dumpling." Its long history, numerous.
This is just some practices, there are many, I'll give you the truth!
Your pen pal,
Nina Carrey
Dear Olivia
I have received your letter Know your favorite holiday is halloween
I also like it. In china In china has many traditional festivals. as the mid-autumn festival,My favorite My favorite holiday is the spring festival Is broken wing days we'll have a really long holiday.On this day we'll visit their relatives and friends, will "lucky money All around the table on new year's eve Then we'll be watching tv programmes each.In the evening we would get together a bamboo, and eat dumplings
The next day, we will go out shopping.Because new year's a lot of interesting things .On this day i haven't seen for many cousins can see
So we are all very much look forward to it .In the festival the day we'll have a free. no worries of some
Hope you can learn from this article about some Chinese things
Yours Xia Han
Dear Xia Han and Luo Xiaoxuan,
Thank you for teaching me about the Duanwu Festival and your New Year. We have a New Year holiday too, but it's mainly directed at adults. Mr. A wants me to list my favorite celebrity or musical group. He's being very annoying. So I guess I'll say that I listen to heavier music. Some of my favorite bands are System of a Down, Led Zeppelin, Danzig, and the Misfits, their more punk rock, and then I also enjoy Cradle of Filth, and Rob Zombie, their a little heavier. I hope you understand what I mean by "heavy", it doesn't mean that the music has weight, not literally anyway. i wish I cold think of more to write, but I'm running short on time. I going to build a bridge out of straws now.
Sincerely, Olivia