Hi there,
I’m Jared Evans and I go to east middle school in Great Falls, Montana. Great Falls is a fairly small town with a population of approximately 59,251 people. I am 13 and I just wanted to tell everyone in Jishou hi! My favorite sport is wrestling. Altough I do enjoy watching football (GO VIKINGS!).

What is the weather like over there? What do you like to do on your free time? Do you play many sports over there? IF so what is your favorite sport? Do you use deoderant, and if so what kind? I use old spice, pure sport, it smells delicious. Sometimes I want to eat that awesome smelling stick of deoderant.

OKAY, have fun in China.


Jared ;D

Hi, Jared Evans:

I'm Long Meiling, I study at the First Middle School. I live in Jishou . It's cool and rainy, It rains a lot this month. Jishou is a beautiful town. Here are many mountains. So Iusually go to the mountain. I think that is a very relaxing and healthy activity On my free time , I enjoy listening to music and reading . As for exercise. Do you know ping-pong ball? I like to play it very much.Although I can't play it well. My friend GaoYudi want to be your friend.
Can you play ping-pong ball? And if so what do you think about it? What do you usually do on weekends? What is favorite food? Do you like to listen to music?
Well. I hope you have a good time and study better. I also hope we can be best friends.

Long Meiling
Hi Long Meiling,

Jishou sounds like a great place, it actually sounds somewhat like Montana, here we also have many mountains, and it hasn't done much raining lately. Ping-pong is actually well known here, although it is not a huge thing, more of a hobby.I also love music, and read a good amount. Do you have many holidays in Jishou? Its almost halloween here, do you celebrate halloween? In your last letter you told me you have mountains,do you ski or snowboard? I love to ski. What is your favorite book? My favorite book is The House On Falling Star Hill.
By the way, in my last letter when I refered to football, I was talking about american football, here we call football soccer. Good luck with your studies.

Dear Jared,
Himy name is Wang ruiqi.You can call me Florence! I will be thirteen years old this December.I’m a grade 8 student.I am very glad to meet you!And I want to tell everyone in the Great Fall :Nice to meet you!My hometown is Jishou, it is a very beautiful and cool city.There are many mountains and lakes, Time come here to play!
I’m a lovely Chinese girl.I’m tall and I have shoulder-length hair.I wear black box glasses. I’m kind of shy.And you?
I like drawing very much, and I also like taking photographs.My favorite subjects are English,physics and P.E. My favorite sport is badminton. And I like riding bicycle,too.I don’t like swimming,because I think it is a very danderous game…
Boon…You asked me: I use what brand of deodorant.. An… Oh dear.. I never use it,because Chinese are very clean,we were bathed every day,and some people use perfume.
Are you a cute or handsome boy?Do you like drawing?How many people in your family?And can you tell something about your interesting story?What is your favorite film?
Oh,haha!~ I really, really, really, really very happy to make friends with you. I hope we can be close friends.And I'm sure we can become good “buddy”! Wish your life is full of happiness! Finally give you a kiss!(O(∩_∩)O~Time to show you my comics!~ha~^_^)
Florence Dear Wang Ruigi, Hello Florence! How are you? I'm doing fantastic! I don't mind P.E., but I definitely don't love it, on the other hand, I am really interested in physics, here at East we haven't learned much physics, but it looks interesting. My favorite subject in school is Algebra. Honestly I'm not shy at all, I am very, VERY outgoing, and love to try new things, and I am not much of an artist, but I do enjoy drawing. I have a very large family. I LOVE IT! My grandma had 7 children, one of which being my mom, I have a bit more of 16 cousins, and 2 siblings, a brother and a sister. Its great to meet you. have a great day!Sincerly,Jared 10-26-2010
Dear Jared D,
Hi.Jared.What is wrong? Do you know the Tanabat Festival? Oh,this is a traditional Chinese festival. It is the seventh day of the lunar calendar. Uh...You must have thought:what is the lunar calendar?Ann...I don’t know how to answer you, you can surf the Internet to query the material.
The Tanabata festival equal to the Chinese valentine’s day.It’s the most romantic festival in China!~ In legend,today,Niu lang and Vega are meeting on the Magpie’s Bridge(p.s. Niu lang and Vega are two figure in the Chinese old legend.About their legend...Google inquires!!)
And let me tell you about what we’ll do on the Tanabata festival. We will look at the sky,and hope we can see the altair and the Vaga when the evening. If you see it,maybe you will meet your dreamlover this year!And some parts have all kinds of activity,like Thread the noodle’s match,quizzes etc. Children can paper-cut etc.
Oh, I live in the 21st centary.So I don’t understand these old legend. But festival in China are various and interesting! And I also want to know the tradional American festival! I just know the Halloween...
And I know that you like algebra! I think my algebra is VERY GOOD!And math is an interesting subject.
Send me your reply soon! And I want to know some festival in your country!

Dear Florence,Hiya Florence, how are you doing? My favorite American Festival is Christmas, how it works is you decorate a Christmas tree and hang up stalkings, when a boy or girl is good all year, Santa comes and puts presents under the tree and all sorts of things in the stalkings. If you were bad on the other hand, no presents for you, and Santa Claus puts coal in your stalking. Do you celebrate any holidays like this one? How's the weather over there? Its kind of cold here. About 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The Tanabata festival sounds interesting. I would really like to see how it all works sometime. Well Happy Tuesday!Sincerly,Jared.