Hello Wang Yixing,

My name is Prosper. I live in Great Falls, Montana. I go to school at East Middle School. Some of my hobbies are riding my bike, skiing, fishing, and just being outside. I ride my bike to school from my house, which is about a mile and a half away.
Things in school that we are learning about are what atoms are and what they do. I learned that they are made of particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. We are also learning about how Europe colonized North America.
What are you learning about in school in Jishou? In this class, we are doing an interactive online game called Quest Atlantis. In the game, you do quests and you can talk with other people from other countries who are playing. I was also wondering if you used Celsius or Fahrenheit in China. We use Fahrenheit. It is kind of rainy outside right now and it’s kind of cold outside. Today is my birthday and I got an I Pod Touch this morning. I haven’t set it up yet, but it’s really cool! Do you know what an I Pod Touch is? If you don’t, it’s a music player that you can play games on, watch videos, go on the internet, and it has only a couple of buttons, but you mostly touch the screen to make it do what you want.
Well, that is how things are going in my world, how are things going in your world?
Sincerely, Prosper Anderson

Dear Prosper in Great Fall ,America My name is Wang Yixing. And my English name is Rick. You can call me Rick. I go to school at Jishou First Midddle school. nice to meet you. we are using centigrade degree . At seven o' clock. I usually go to school by bus. It takes me about five minutes Then I am reading my English book. I study many different subjects. Such as music Chinese English, math biology science andPE. My favorite subject in school is
English. I try to remember more English words. But I don't think my English is improving. After school. I get home and I do my homework, it's kind of boring. But on weekends, I can play with friends to ride our bike or go fishing outside. Itis very relaxing. We like nature and I want forget all my problems. All in all. My world is wonderful. Then hope you enjoy yourself in your birthday. Rick,Wang
Dear Rick (Wang Yixing),
I just got a new bike last weekend, it is a BMX, which is used for doing tricks, and it's black and red in color. I usually ride it to school, which takes about ten minutes.
I think that it would be really cool to go fishing after school, it must be really relaxing. What kind of fish are there where you live? In Montana, we have trout, such as rainbow trout, brown trout and cutthrout trout.
How long have you been studying English? I ask because your grammar is really good! I am trying to learn some Chinese and Spanish. I am using a program called Rosetta Stone, it helps to learn a language. Well, that is all I have to say, and I can't wait to receive my next letter from you. Sincerely, Prosper Anderson
Dear Prosper,
I'm your new pen pal .My name is Luo Shilei.You can call me Laura.This time I introduce you to a traditional Chinese holiday - Dragon Boat Festival.This day we are going to the festival dumplings, or rice dumplings to vote Miluo river, which is to commemorate the history of our Chinese hero Qu Yuan.In 278 BC, Qin defeated the Ying Du. May that year, "North Korea made in vain for example" the land (now often Dede Hill) Five days later, Qu Yuan, under arms in despair and grief cast stone Miluo River died.
He was a patriotic poet, we are very respected him. He will forever in history, will in our minds forever!
I also want to know your festivals! Have you reply as soon as possible who introduced it?
Yours ,
Luo Shilei (Laura)

Dear Luo Shilei,
Prosper is gone for now on a field trip to one of our little rivers. I am Scott, and am taking his place for today. We have lots of different types of festivals. There is Independence Day, or what we call the 4th of July. We celebrate the birth of our country by lighting off fireworks into the sky, grilling cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and more. Speaking of cheeseburgers.......I heard someone from a different country say that we have a burger king on every block, and I have to tell you, it's half true. It's every ten blocks! We are one hungry nation! I sometimes eat cheeseburgers, but I try to balance it out so I don't get sick. Sometimes, I like to eat sweet and sour chicken, but it's made in our country so it kind of takes the chinese out of it. Do you eat sweet and sour chicken over there? What foods do you eat?Your vocabulary is quite good, better than I would have expected. English is the hardest language to learn, and it takes much practice. I even get mixed up in it sometimes. It changes every day!The only thing I can see is that when you said "He was a patriotic poet, we are very respected of him," You got it backwards just a little. At the end, it is actually we are very respectful of him. But, I still got what you meant, and it was quite good, still. Another thing was when you said "He will forever in history, will in our minds forever," it's a little backwards too. It is actually, "He will be forever in history, and will be in our minds forever." The "and" describes something extra. You did very good, again, and hope this will help you with English. 
Anyway, It's time for me to go. I hope that you have a good week.Scott Miller