My name is Emily, and I’m in the 8th grade. I was raised in Texas, which is WAY south of Montana, but a couple of months ago I moved up here for my dad’s job. Montana is beautiful up here, but the climate is different than what I’m used to. There are lot’s of mountains up here, and far west of Great Falls is the Rocky Mountains. The city up here is a bit complicated because there is a river running right through the city. Let me tell you a bit about myself, I absolutely LOVE music. My favorite kind of music is rock n’ roll from the 80’s and some alternative music from now. I also like to play video games on my X Box 360, two of my favorite games are the Halo series and the Assassins creed series. I have two older brothers named Cody and Casey. Cody is going to law school and Casey has just started collage at The University Of Texas.
The classes here might be a little different than what you are used to. We study history of the World, the history of our country, and the history of our state. We study math, which might not be so different than what you study. We learn how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, we learn about integers, and a whole bunch of new stuff as we get older. We also study English but not the kind you are studying. In that class we learn how to talk with more adjectives and some new vocabulary. Learning how to write stories is a major thing we have to study, also we read novels and analyze what the author is truing to let us know. I believe that’s all we study we also can have electives which are learning a new language, building things out of wood, cooking, and a whole bunch of other things we will need to know when we grow up.
How is it up there? Like the climate. How many people are usually in a family? Are there a bunch of kids in one school? China is a big production company of products, do you get things faster than we do? What are the things you like? What is the music like up there? Do or have you listened to American music? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you like to watch movies? What are your movies like? Do you play sports? I play tennis, my favorite tennis player is Rafael Nadal. Do you like a certain sports player? I hope you learn a lot of English,

Dear Emily:
My name is Zhang Yuan[张媛].My English name is Cora.I am also in the 8th grade.I am13 years old.I have short straight black hair.I am thin but not very tall.I want to be a sage lawyer,becouse I think all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.I have a big family.My parents are shop assistants.I have a brother ,he is 23 years old.He is a technician. I like music too.My favorite singer is Justin Bieber.Do you like him?At the school,we learn math,we learn congruent ,figures,arithmetic square root.Then we learn geography,history,biology,Chinses,art and English......But my favorite subject is physics, they are interesting!I don't like PE,becouse I don't have exercise cell. Sometimes I'm very brave, I try to rock climbing.
On weekends,I often surfing the Internet. Do you have a QQ?this is my QQ--798320252.And do you have a Chinses name ?I want to give you a Chinses name is Xu Ziyan[徐梓彦].Do you like it? Can you give me some of your photos?I think you are a beautiful girl. I believe we can do best friends!
Zhang Yuan.

Hi 张媛 and Cora! It's nice to get to talk to you.I have strait black Long hair.Justin Bieber is okay but I don't listen to him very much. I have a brother who is 23 and he is studying to be a lawyer.I don't have a QQ but I could talk to my parents and see If I could get one . I like my Chinese name and I like your American name. How long are your school days? We have a holiday coming up on October 30 its called Halloween. It started In Europe and it was called All Hallows Eve, where they dress up like Monsters to try to scare away the spirits. Now kids in America dress up like characters on TV and monsters and go to their neighbors house and get candy. Their parents drive them around or they go in a group. Not all kids trick-or-treat ( that's what we call it) some teenagers throw parties but they still dress up. It's a fun holiday, What Chinese holiday do you like the most?

It was nice talking to you,


Hi Emily October 25, 2010
My favorite day is Arbor Day.It's March 12th.Becouse this is my birthday.On this day ,my parents can give me some gifts.My friends can singing ti me .In fact, I love nature.I want a green would,so I will plant trees on this day.Now,the parts of would environment very bad, need we common protect.Do you like this day?The happiest thing in the would is to make a dearest friend. The sweetest memory is to cherish this oid friend ship.


Dear Cora,
Arbor Day is very important. We need to protect the environment. Soon all our fossil fuels will be gone and we will have nothing to power our cars, unless we have electric cars. My birthday is December 21, because it is so close to Christmas not many of my friends get to Celebrate my actual birthday so we have a party a couple of days earlier. You told me you favorite singer was Justin Bieber well my favorite singer is Brandon Flowers. He was the lead singer of my favorite band called The Killers. I'm not sure if you have what we call Youtube. It's a place on the internet where you can watch videos or Music Videos. Two of Brandon Flowers videos are on there and they are called " Crossfire" and " Only the young." There are many more music videos from The Killers but there are too many videos to list. Thank you so much for saying that this friendship would mean the world to you. I hope to travel all over the world and I will stop in China to come and see you. I will be going to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England this summer. So that is the first steps to traveling around the world. Have you traveled outside of your country before? I hope we'll be able to keep this friendship for a very long time,