Dear Edin, Hello,I'm very happy to receive your letter today.At first,let me introduce myself.I'm a boy.My name is Chen Shanzhi,my English name is Andy.I'm 13 years old.I like playing football, basketball, going hiking and swimming.Jishou is a beautiful,small city. Now, the weather is autumn.It's cool.Sometimes it's rainy and windy.Because Jishou is in South China.South China is a rainy,humid place.Jishou is a minority state,.If you live here,you can go hiking,go fishing and go to the museum.And you can go to Fenghuang,Fenghuang is an old beautiful city,it's a national place. My grandparents live there. If you have chance,I hope you can come here,you will enjoy it.
Oh,my favorite subject is physics ,I think it's very interesting. Do you know << Chipmunk>> this movie? I like the movie,because I like chipmunks.Oh,they are very cute !
When I'm free,I like playing sports.I exercise every day. At weekends,I stay at home with my parents. I often read some books,I like reading.I think books can help me get clever and popular.Sometimes I play on the computer . Oh,I like <<Steel Men >>.It's very cool.
I hope that we can have dearly friendship. We can become companions!


October 18, 2010Dear Andy, My name is Edin, and my dad ended up putting me with you. I live in Great Falls, Montana, and it is very windy, dry, and cold. We live in the very northern part of the United States. It is also autumn here. We call autumn fall sometimes. I love playing basketball, running cross country, skiing, and swimming. My favorite subject is probably P.E. or math. On October 31st, in the U.S. we have a holiday called Halloween. Everyone goes trick-or-treating, you dress up in a costume, and go to houses and knock on the door, then when they answer you say trick-or-treat. After that they give you candy, and you do that until really late at night. It is so fun. I wouldn't say it is my favorite holiday though. What is your favorite holiday in China. 10-26-10 Dear Edin,
I'm very glad to become your pen pal.I have a happy family . At fist , Let me introduce my family to you . My father is a librarian, and my mother is a teacher . She is strict with me . On weekends ,when I finish my homework, I can play on the computer and watch TV.And my father is a frierdly man . I love them . How about your parents ? Chinese respect old people,my grandparents are very kind,we love each other.and how about your grandparents? Please give my best wishes to your family.
Now, let me tell you about chinese festivals.In China, we have a lot of traditional festivals. Like Drageo Boat Festival, Mid -Autumn Festival---I like Chinese New Yew best. I hope you like it.

In China,Chinese New Year is Spring festival ,it is the most important festivalfor chinese. People usually have fifteen days in the holiday. The chinese family will have a big meal on the eve of the Spring Festival. Everyone is happy.The most traditional food like dumplings. The Chinese think the dumpings will bring them good luck in the new year. On the first day of the Chinese New Year,people usually wear the new clothes and visit their relatives and friends. They say ''Happy New Year" to each other. Oh, Chinese New Year is very good. I can't wait. Do you know,in that day, I can get the red porket money from my parents and relatives.We also can eat a lot of sweets, biscuits and other good food on the luck day.Before the chinese eve,the family will do some cleaning, chinese think it will have a reuniondinner,and mothers will cook lots of special dishes for the family. It is the best home -cooked meal of the year.

On the day, I play with my cousins. Always at 8:00 p.m ,almost every family watch the Spring festival programs together.At 12:59p.m, chinese people usually set off firerackers. Chinese people like to hear the new year's jow .I am always happy at Sping Festival,and a lot of people think what a fine day it is.


Dear Andy, Your holidays in China sound wonderful. I have heard of the red envelope with money before in school. My dad and mom are pretty awesome. We love to travel around to all kinds of places when we have our break in the summer. At our Christmas and New Years, we also have a break that is about 2 weeks long. On New Years we like to set off fireworks like you guys do also. Some people also kiss people on the cheeks at midnight on New Years. Do you have Christmas in China? If not, have you ever heard of it? It is super fun, everyone gives people presents, and Santa gives you a present that you get to open in the morning. What kind of music do you listen to in China? I like to listen to rock music, and some new songs like Hey Soul Sister and I'm Yours. They are both very good songs. My favorite band's are probably The Styx, The Who, and The Rolling Stones. Who are your favorite bands. I also play four instruments. I play guitar, bassoon, trumpet, and piano. My newest instrument is the bassoon. I just started this summer to play it in school. In school I used to play the trumpet. I've been taking lessons for guitar since last January, but i have had my guitar since the January before that. I have an acoustic and an electric guitar, and I like playing both about the same. I've been playing piano since I was in kindergarten. I'm the best at that one. I like playing old music from the seventies on piano, like the Beatles or Neil Young.Do you play any instruments?