My name is Andi, and I live in MONTANA! I like school allot! Do you? I especially like to read adventure stories. I really, really, like noodles! Just saying. And Jello! Not together, trust me! I have a younger brother who is an annoying little 4th grader but I love him anyway! How many siblings do you have? How old are you? I’m 13, and will turn 14 in January. Yeah, that’s not exactly close but I can’t wait! I love being a teenager! Too much fun!

Do you have a pet? I have a beautiful cat... and get this... she doesn’t have a tail! Ha! She’s a crazy little thing, but is so fun! I have a whole bunch of friends that I hang out with who hopefully don’t think I’m going nuts! I would think I’m a people person. Are you? Who’s your best friend? Want to hear something CRAZY? I don’t have a middle name! What’s your full name? How would you pronounce it?

At restaurants here in America, we have categories like ‘Chinese Food’. Do you have places that serve ‘American Food’? That would be soo cool! Hope I kept you entertained this past minuet and a half. Hope to speak to you again another time!
-Andi Doyle

Hi Andi,

My name is Ma Zhengwen and my English name is Charlotte. I am 13.I like school allot, too. Are you a girl or boy? I am a girl. Are you tall or short, thin or fat? I like school allot, too. I very glad to can deliver pen pal with you. I have a brother, too.
I heard you live in Montana. Is it beautiful? Can you show me any photos? I have no pet. I think your cat is very lovely. My best friend is Dai Yixiao and her English name is Katherine. Her pen pal is Bailey B.Do you know? We serve 'America Food',too. What's you favorite star? Have you ever been China? Do you like here? Hope to hear from you soon to get the answers to my question. Bye!
Hi Ma Zhengwen,I think Charlotte is a very pretty name! Yes, I am a girl, and am glad to hear my pen pal is a girl too! Easier to connect with in my opinion. Very funny what you said in your last letter... my very good friend is Bailey B.! I think that's very neat. Um, personally I would think I'm kinda in the middle, not too short, not too tall. I am thin NOT fat. I'm not sure if I can post pictures on here, but Montana is very beautiful! Big blue sky, mountains, so pretty! Personally I'm not very interested in 'stars' and 'celebs', so I can't say I have a favorite. I have never been to China... or out of my country even! I want to travel out of America sometime. Now it's my turn to ask some questions: Are you tall or short? What color are your eyes? Mine are green. Mr. Agamenoni says that you don't celebrate Halloween the same way we do. We dress up and go to people's houses and say 'trick or treat' and they give us candy and other goodies! We can wear very cool costumes and such. What's your favorite holiday? Talk to you soon!
Andi (a girl)

Dear Andi,
I am glad to hear you are a girl too. Haha! I’m short and thin but not too short. I have short straight black hair and my eyes are brown.
Um, do you know the traditional Chinese Festivals? In China, I like Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. When the Dragon Boat festival comes, we will have some interesting activities, like dragon bnaot race. And weh the Mid-Autumn Festival comes we will have many moon cakes to eat. They are delicious and I really like them. We will also gather with our families and enjoy eachother whiloe we look at the moon. But when we have holidays, we have too much homework to do…
Do have a favorite traditional festival in the United States? Do you like traditional Chinese Festivals? I like Halloween, but nobody give me candy and other goodies.
Hope you have a happy Halloween, Talk to you soon

Hi Susan,
Mr. Agamenoni says that the moon cakes are very yummy... or at least look yummy! He hasn't actually had one. My favorite holiday here in the US is my birthday! haha! If only that counted! I'm turning 14 in January. But besides that 'holiday' I like Christmas. A long break from school, visiting family and friends, enjoying the fun! We usually don't have much homework to do on the holidays. My second favorite is probably Halloween, which I explained. This year, I am dressing up as a lady bug and my friend Missy is a bumble bee. It's so cute! This is the first time I have ever heard of your Chinese Festivals, so I wouldn't know all the details, but they sound very fun! I would like to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, that one sounds cool. I will have a very happy Halloween, thank you! I am to tell you my favorite celeb, but I don't care for them, so I'm going with my favorite music album. It's OWL CITY and it's the best! The only thing is I don't know the name of the person who sings it sorry. Who is your favorite celeb? Do you think it's easy to read and write in English? Do you play any sports? What's your favorite sport? Mine is Volleyball. Hope to hear from you soon,
p.s. here is a picture of Montana
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