Hello ,
My name is John. I am an 8th grader at East middle school. I live in Great Falls, Montana. In Montana there are very few people. I play American football and soccer and i love to ski. I play the trumpet and i like to play video games. In school i am learning about American history, algebra, grammer, and about atoms. What are you learning about? My favorite subject is gym because we dont have any homework and i like to play sports and games.
I am curious about you. What are you learning in school? Do you have a favorite subject? Do you play any sports or have any hobbies? Do you have a favorite food?

My name is Dora.And my Chinese name is Rao Yu.I'm an 8th grader,too.I'm a girl.I'm 12 years old.How old are you?I live in Hunan,China.In China there are many people.My favorite sport is run and i like to swim,too.My favorite subject is the same as yours.Because i can forget all my problems.i think our study a little boring.Because in school i am learning about Chinese and Math every day.A week,we only have two P.E classes.My favorite animal are rabbits.Because they are very cute.My hobby is study English.Because English is very interesting.But i think my spoken isn't improving.I really need some conversation practice.After growing up.I want to be a doctor.My QQ is 1006898712.
I have some questions,too.What's your favorite food?Why do you want to be?Do you like to eat junk food?What do you think of study?How old are you?
I hope we can be good friends and you can often write to me.
Your pen pal
Hello Dora, I am 13 years old. I think that school can be boring too. We have gym on even days and i have Spanish on even days. I want to be a mechanical engineer when i grow up. What is QQ? My favorite food is pizza. What is yours? One of my favorite holidays is coming up. It is called Halloween. On Halloween we dress up in scary or funny costumes and go door to door and get candy. Do you have any favorite holidays.Sincerely,John