As you probably have been told, I am from Great Falls, MT and I go to East Middle School, ‘Home of the Rams’ I am 14 and play tenor Saxophone in band as well as Jazz band. I like build things in an OpenSim virtual world for kids called JokaydiaGRID which is started by an Australian teacher named Joann Kay. Let me know if anything I’ve said is confusing, i tend to do that to others and myself, I’d say more but I keep loosing my train of thought.
Sebastian J. Balyeat, Esq.

Hello,Sebastian J.Balyeat
When I received your letter I was very excited to be your pen-pal. Maybe you are waiting for my letter, at least I hope so. I am from Jishou,China. I hope you like China just like I like the United States. I am 14 and I go to No.1 Seconday School in Jishou City. I know from you letter that you love jazz and play a tenor in band. Can you explain what means is"JokaydiaGRID"or"OpenSim"? I don't know what it is. I want to guess what is it. I think it is maybe a computer game's name or a computer program's name.So I also like computer program, like Java Language, C Language or Microsoft's Basic Language. I'm learning Java Language. I think it will become a kind of popular Program Language. I want say more, but you know everybody should keep a little mystery
your pen-pal:Tan taoyong
my English-name:Martin

Dear Sebastian J.Balyeat
You're my first in the Untied States. Although I don't know what do you look like, I'll never forget you.
You know I'm a student in Jishou, China. My school's name is NO.1 middle school. JIshou is a little town, I never dream I have a friend abroad, I'm glad to be friend with you. In your letter,you said that you can play Saxphone,when I was eight years old I can play it,too.but it five years ago,I'm thirteen years old,I forgwt all of it.I like music as same as you,and know I can play the guitar.I like Pop,Jass and Rock.I like the band name's WestLife,and the song name's Soledad best,and you?
And Iwant to tell you about Chinese student's study.In China,grades are student's life,so I don't want to be a student in China.
How the weather inGreat Falls?Jishou's weather is not good,sometimes be very hot,but sometimes be very cold.And how the weather in Great Falls?Is warm there?
I'd want to say more,and ask more question about you,but i have too many things to do atthe moment,I'll send you another letter next time.
Best wishes to you!
Your friend,

Hello again, Wang and Tan taoyong
I probably should have mentioned that I go by the name 'Sebby' (pronounced 'Seh-Bee') which is short for Sebastian. To respond to Tan...I also think that Java script will become/already is a very popular computer language. "JokaydiaGRID" is an "Open Simulator" 3 dimensional virtual environment mostly for kids and teachers. In it, people can build and script 3 dimensional objects, using Linden Scripting Language (LSL). It is very cool, and I heard that Mr. Howe got into JokaydiaGRID. I myself would like to learn some computer languages, but I don't know how that will turn out. And as to respond to Wang...I am wondering if you play electric guitar, acoustic guitar or both. I myself play electric guitar as well as the Saxophone. I do not have much time left to type so I'll tell you about halloween. Children and some adults dress up in costumes that sometimes are very scary and we go around to people's houses and knock at their door and when they answer we say, 'Trick or Treat' and they give us candy! It is very fun. Do you guys have anything like that in China? Anyway I'm not completely done with my letter and I am going to work on it later today, so if you see this, come back and read more later in the day...................

Hey,my friend.This time I want to talk about my favorite festival with you.you see,There are many traditional festival in my country, For example:Mid-Autumn Festival,The Spring Festival,Qingming Festival,New year Festival and The Dragon Boat Festival······I find it difficult to write all,Because it's really too much.If I can write all those down,I think I will use too much ink for it.It will be a large sum of money,yes?I hope the ink was not expensive in your country.OK,Let me introduce my favorite festival.My favorite festival is Spring Festival.That's a grand festival,it's also a traditional festival of our country best.There is a ancient legend about it Once upon a time,There is a monster called"Nian(this is a Chinese world)",To one day of every year.It's hurt the people. It was very big and very strong.Later, people invented gunpowder to fend off it.To remember this great day.So we have the Spring Festival.Every children can get money as the Spring Festival's gift, wrapped up in red packet.I always used it to buy some books or software(About JAVA).The rest I will save.
Oh!I almost forget to tell you.I finally know what "jokaydiaGRID" is.Is it a great web site?I entered that web site.I think it is very good,although I can't read most of the English.

Dear Tan,
The Spring Festival that you told me about sounds very fun. As you may already know, the closest thing we have to that in America is Christmas. Christmas is celebrated on December 25. Family members come and visit each other and eat Christmas dinner together, which is arguably the biggest meal of the entire year. We also exchange gifts to honor and remember the birth of Christ in Israel, which was about 2000 years ago. That is my favorite part. There is so much to tell about it. Just search 'Christmas' on Google or Wikipedia. Now, to tell you about 'JokaydiaGRID' This is probably my favorite thing to do in my spare time. To actually build and play in the 3D (3-Dimensional) environment, you need to download a viewer to your computer (Probably not on your school computer). The viewer is simply a program that allows you to view and change the information that is on the internet, but in 3D. There are many viewers and many grids. A grid is just one of the many virtual worlds which are similar to JokaydiaGRID. They are known as 'grids' because they all have x, y and z-axis coordinates on which objects are located. The viewer I use is known as 'Imprudence' I suggest using it because it is a very good viewer and if you have any problems it will be easier for me to help you. In your reply, please tell me if you have done these things. I hope to talk to you again soon!