Im Josh and I go to East Middle School in Great Falls Montana. Montana is a great state a little bit boring at times but a great state to grow up in. It’s mostly a farm state. But there are plenty of things to do, my favorites are sports. My favorite past times are music and sports.
My favorite sports are wrestling and Football and I'm giving Basketball a try also this year. I especially enjoy wrestling I may not be the best but that's alright. My other favorite is American Football I'm on A team which is exactly like varsity just for middle school. I also enjoy weight lifting and running during the off season which is just about 5 months a year.
And my other hobby is music, music is a huge part of my life I not only enjoy listening to it but I also enjoy playing it too. I play Percussion in Symphonic band. I also play guitar out of school. Ive been playing guitar for 5 years now. But enough about me I want to hear whats happening in China. Do you guys enjoy sports? And if so which do yo enjoy? How many days a year do you go to school?

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I am Yu Yuyue. My English name is Kathy. I am 13 years old. I am of medium height.
I have a black hair.
My favorite sports are tennis and ping-pong. I always play them with my parents on
weekends. They are very interesting. I think sports can make me feel happy and relaxing. When I am exercising I can forget all my problems..
I am the same as you. I also like listening to music. I can play the piano, can you?
Oh, I want to know what your favorite food is, I like our chinese food, like rice,dumplings,noodles,and more. Do you like them?
And you want know how many days we go to school a year.Then let me tell you. We go to school from Match to June. Then we have two-month vacation. Next,we go to school from September to January. And we have a-month vacation in winter.
I am very glad to meet you. I hope we can make good friends!
Dear, Yu Yuyue
It's great to hear back from you. It's really interesting to learn about people from other cultures. I enjoy ping-pong also do you ever compete in Ping-Pong tournaments or competitions? I think it's awesome that you play piano I wish i knew how but I don't know how. I also like to excercise I find it to be a stress reliever. I like Chinese food. but my favorite food is probably pizza. Do you like pizza? We have a holiday coming up called Halloween. This is when kids dress up as some sort of character and go trick or treating . This is when they go up to someones house ring the door bell and says "Trick Or Treat!" and then the people who answer the door give the children candy. I used to have a lot of fun indulging in this activity but i feel im too old for it now I'm 13. What's youre favorite holiday in Jishou?

Hi, Josh October 26th
I am very happy to get your letter. I want tell you about my favorite festival. I'ts Spring Festival. Spring Festival is the traditional festival in china. It’s from the first day to the fifteenth day of a year. When it is coming, we are having a-month vacation to spend. We are having dumplings, setting off fireworks, and hanging spring couplets on the door. Oh! They're really relaxing and interesting! And when the Chinese New Year, everyone can receive some money. This is a traditional custom in China. All in all, Chinese New Year is always very happy!
And you say your favorite holiday is Halloween. I think it's fun and not old. I like candy and lollipop. I like as a lovely child. It's a wonderful thing.
I also like pizza, but I don't eat much, I hope you can eat less pizza and eat more fruit, vegetable, and milk, they're good for your health!
I hope you can write to me soon.
And I wish you have a happy holiday!
Yu Yuyue

Dear Yu YuyueI think that Spring Festival must be awesome now I hope to experience it one day. I also enjoy using fire works except when we use fire works on American new years which is January 1st. And another holiday we use fireworks on is Independence day which is on july 4th which is celebrating the birth of our country. . Which is Oh and by the way I don't eat alot of pizza I only eat it on special occasions haha.Do you like music because i sure do. I'll tell you about my favorite band their name is Minus The Bear there a rock band. I like them alot because... well im not sure but i just really enjoy listening to them. You might like them my favorite songs by them are