Dakota's first Letter

My name is Dakota Bryant and I too, are in the 8th grade. I was born and raised here in this very town, Great Falls, Montana. I am 13 and i go to East Middle School. I have many hobbies, some of them being volleyball, swimming, singing and being with friends and family. I have played volleyball for five years and going on six. Hopefully, my future volleyball coach will be my favorite subject teacher, A Geography teacher named Ms. Arnott. I have always been interested in history and our past experiences, hoping later on in life to bring some of it back. I take French and play the String Bass in Phil Harmonic (Orchestra) class. I love to sing, and I have been told that I am good at it, but my opinion, I need work. Which is why I might start taking singing lessons. I love music in general, I always have. There is no silence at my house because my family likes rhythm and beat. My favorite type of music is hip-hop or rap, because I like to listen to something that I can dance to.
I would like to know how you spend your day? What do you do in China? Are some of your activites similar to ours? Like sports. What kinds of sports do you play? And what is your favorite?

Hello! DAkota Bryant
You there had a very rich.I envy.My name is Gao Yudi .My English name is Lucy .I live in the countryside.I love nature .I'm happy every day.Because I like smiling.I am thirteen,and I study in No.1 Middle school.I have many hobbies,too.I like music,too.Although I don't practice.I sing well.I often exercise everday .I like playing badminton.My favorite subject is English and Chinese .And my birthday is May 11th.On weekends,I like going hiking in the mountains.I want to be a teacher.teacher is an interesting job. Are you a girl or boy? I'm a girl.I hope you are happy every day! My friends Long Meiling want to be your friends.So, I hope you can be our best friends.
What kind of food would you like ? What do you usually do on weekends? Do you have any sisters or brothers? Can you send your photos to me?
Gao Yudi

Thanks for your letter. My name is Liu Rong and my English name is Catherine Brown. Sorry, my teacher doesn’t tell me about your sex. Are you a boy or a girl? Can you give me your answer? I was born and raised here in this very town, Jishou, Hunan. I’m 13 years old too and I go to No. 1 Middle School.
I know you would like to know how I spend a day. Then let me tell you about my answer. During the school days I always get up early to go to school. But on weekends, I have more activities. In the morning, I have to get up early because I have to do my homework. Then, I have to wash my clothes. And I watch TV for 2 hours. In the afternoon, I’m going to Art School for drawing pictures. I love drawing and I am good at it. I love to watch cartoons, it’s interesting. I like to read, so, I go to the library every afternoon for the weekends. In the evening, I don’t watch TV too late.
There are Spring Festival. I know you have Christmas Day. I don’t know any of your activities similar to ours. I can play badminton although I don’t play it well. My favorite subject is physics. I think it is very interesting to do experiments.
Do you have any sisters or brothers? What’s your favorite? Do you like to eat Chinese foods? Do you know Chinese history?


Hello Catherine and Lucy! I am a girl although i have a boy name, I love everything about my name! I love Chinese food and no very little history about but I hope to learn more! I am an only child, no brothers or sisters, and my father passed away when I was young. My Birthday is Februray 8th and I want to become a doctor, to help save lives. I like art, and if it is abstract art, where you don't draw people or animals or faces, I think i am not that bad but I can't draw people. not good at that. Usually on the weekends, I hang out with my friends at my house or at the mall. Do you celebrate Halloween? We do, Halloween is on October 31, and it is where we dress up as scary things, or as funny things, like dressing up as a doggie, and walking around town, knock on doors, say "trick or treat" and recieve some candy. There are tons of things to do that evening. You can go to a party, which is really fun, you tell ghost stories and play pranks to scare people. But it is all just harmless fun. There are haunted house, where it is dark and scary, and you walk through them and things pop out at you! and it is a really fun day. Of course, you don't go trick or treating during the day because it would not be scary. So you wait until the evening and it is my favorite holiday. What is your favorite holiday in Jishou? What are your brothers and sisters names? What are your holidays like?Sincerely -Dakota.
Dear Dakota,
I was very happy to receive your letter,I think I very much like your style. I can recommend to you some best Chinese food,like porridge with Nuts and Dried Fruits, Tangyuan, Spring Rolls and Wonton in Chicken Soup, Beijing Style.They are very delicious.
I am an only child too,no brothers or sisters and my father is constructer, he isn't always at home.My father had some problems in nearest.So I lodge of my aunt'home.
In china, as for most people don't like celerate Holloween,but I like it.I think it very funny according to you say. Traditinal Chinese festivals have Dragon Boat Festival and Spring Festival.
There is a such legend traditin the Spring Festival,long long ago.On January first day. Here have a call year rare animal, it aliways comes out to eat people.It wanted a method have an old person. Then every family is decorated andrelease firecracker give first place to red at the day.Weak point the found rare animal annual .This is origin the Spring Festival.Yhe lunar calendar of annual January one day . Children can dar of annual New Year gift at the day. But want to pay a New Year call to elder.
Do you like China?
It hopes us to become the best international friend.