Dear Pen Pal,
My name is Cody Babinecz. I am an 8th grader at East Middle School here in Great Falls, Montana. I have 2 twin sisters that also, unfortunately, go to this school. As you can expect they are quite a pest, they nag annoy you as any other sibling would. My dad works for the Air Force and my mom is a Highway Patrolman. I like to play basketball and golf, I am the State 13 and under champion in golf. My favorite subject is math and my least favorite subjects are science and social studies. Lucky for me I get pulled out of it this quarter.
Now it is time for me to stop talking about me and ask about you. What subjects do you learn in China? In the States we learn the core classes (math, science, social studies, and English) and we have related arts (financial literacy, art, wood shop, and family consumer science). Also, do you use Celsius or Fahrenheit? Next do you have popularity classes like do you have jocks, nerds, and bullies? What kind of punishments do you have in China? In the States we have detention and ISS and OSS.
Cody Babinecz
P.S Your cuisine is divine!
Dear Cody, My name is Shi Yuzong, and my English name is Peter. I’m 13 years old and I study at No. 1 Middle School. I have a younger sister. She is 9 years old. After school, I often play basketball because I love it. But I don’t like soccer, it makes me too tired. My favorite subject is Math too. And my least favorite subject is art. Question from you. I have no idea of say rise what. Punishment of our China has very many. So long as you comply with the law, you will not be punished. In Jishou, we use Celcius. As for your last question, I only say, I don’t know. Can you write to me soon? Peter

Dear Shi 石誉宗 (Peter),
It is so nice to get your letter, and I can't wait to see what you look like. I'm was very surprised to see that we had a little bit in common like that we both like Math and that we both have little sisters. My sisters are 11 years old and they are a pest. Also, basketball, if we get a good day I'll shoot hoops. I have a question for you, how long is your school day? We have a holiday coming up and Mr. A wants us to tell you about it.

This holiday is called Halloween, this holiday is pretty fun. You get to dress up as anything you want to be, like a zombie, or a spy, or anything in between. Then, you can go around your city or town and go trick-or-treating, and when you do that you get candy from them. Think about it free candy!!! Or if you don't like the trick-or-treating idea you can go to haunted houses and get scared, but you would still have a good time. Once again I have a question, what is your favorite Chinese holiday? The only one that I really sort of know is the Chinese New Year.

Write soon,
Cody Babinecz
P.S. Do you pick out our Chinese names or does Mr. Howe

Dear Cody,
It is so nice to get your letter. If you come to China you could know the Chinese Traditional Holidays are very interesting, like Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival. August 15th every year, people play a lot of activities. We can also eat delicious moon cakes. They are small little treats that have interesting printed on the top of them.

But My favorite holiday is Mid-Autumn festival because it gives me surprises. Last month, Mid-Autumn festival just passed. I njoy looking at the moon at night with my family, because that day the moon gets very big and round and bright. We also eat a lot of moon cakes. Maybe you can see Chinese traditional girl Chang E in the moon if you look hard enough.

I look forward to you coming to China someday so we can look at the moon together during Spring Festival.

Write soon,
Shi Yuzong (Peter)

Dear Peter (Shi Yuzong)
Thank you for your reply to my letter. The Chinese holidays (festivals) seem very important to the people to China, we only have a few that people really care about like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. For some odd reason Mr. A wants us to talk about our favorite type of music so I guess I will. I actually like to listen to country music, I just can't rap or a lot of the songs of hip-hop. I feel that country is very versatile, you can play sad songs, you play can happy, and you can play hate songs. What is your favorite type of music, Peter (Shi)?
I am trying to learn Mandarin, but I have not been able to get to a computer. Maybe the next time I write to you I'll be able to say Hi , and Bye in Mandarin.
Your Pen Pal,
Cody Babinecz