Dear China Student,
Hello, my name is Adam and I’m from Montana. I’m 11 years old and I’m almost 12. I enjoy baseball, basketball, football, dancing, and spending time with my family. I have been to Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Australia, and New Zealand. In Montana you can go to Yellowstone and Glacier National park, you can also go skiing or hike the Rocky Mountains.

Now I have a couple questions for you. How is the weather in Jishou?
What are some fun things to do in Jishou? What is you favorite type of animal?
Are you a boy or a girl? Do you play sports? My last question is, What do you like to do in your spare time.


P.S. I’m not a hillbilly, I’m a regular boy.

Dear Adam:
I'm glad to see your letter. My name is LongHairong. My Englishi name is Emily.I'm a 13-year-old girl and I am at the first seconday school in Jishou. Jishou is a surounded by mountains, and beautiful landscape city. It's not big but I grow up in this life. I love it here very much.
Although a lot of homework to do every day, I still have many hobbies. I love sports. My favorite sport is basketball. That's very interesting. I also like piaying soccer and may not be very good. But I don't like running. That makes me very tired and I'm bit lazy.
I like listen to music,but a little time. We are stressed out from sytudying every day. I very admire your life. That's much too relaxing. About your problem, I also don't know how many days in a year to learn.
I like P.E. It's my favorite subject. How about you? when is your birthday? Could you introduce your family? Do you like action movies? I love it very much.Oh,and I hope you helpme to study Englishi, are you OK? I look forward to your letter.


Dear Emily,
I was very happy to receive your letter.
I was super excited. I will now answer your questions:my favorite subject is math, my birthday is December 31 1998, I have a brother named Edin, and father named Jeff, a mother named Joanie, and a dog named Buster, I LOVE action movies one of my favorite movies is Indiana Jones. I will now tell you about our upcoming holiday, its called Halloween. On Halloween you dress up as something and go to each house and say Trick or Treat and they normally give you candy. This year I'm going to be a nerd. What is your favorite holiday? Is there any upcoming holidays in Chinia or Jishou


Dear Adam,
See your letter so soon I was very happy. I'm glad to be your pen pal.
see your letter, know that you had a brother,that's very good,but I'm an only chidren and my mother is a teacher ,not to much time with me. And your bithday is very special, it's last day for year, my birthday is February 18,1997.
You said that you have a very fun Halloween. I admire it very much. We also have traditionai Chinese Spring Fstival. It's the most lively, folk traditional festival of the one. Every Spring the days, we can shoot and see the fireworks, the Spring Fedtival conlet,, you can aslo visit your relatives and friends, say happy new year and bless them , they will give you a big red envelopes with money insiad. In thoes days, you can almost to eat what you want yo. How do you think Spring festival it? I love it very much.
Do you like Chinese food? What do your parents do? Do you have a lot of homework? Are you feeling stressed out ? Expecting you letter.


Dear Adam
I am glad to receive your letter.
In China,we have many Festival,like Spring Festival,The Mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat Festival.I like the Spring Festival best.Do you know it?In Spring Festival,we have a vacation for 15 days.Everyone has a good time.We usually set of fireworks,Spring Festival couplet,play with other friends ,pile a snowman and more.
But it is about 3 months.
I hope you can get some relax,becaus to be a nerd is not a good news. Pay attention to rest.But I am not feeling well at the moment.I have a cold.Best wishes for you.

Hey Dan and Emily,

I am Adam. Mr. Agamenoni is my Dad. I have never heard of the spring festival but it sounds like it is very cool. However, I have built a snowman. We have fireworks here too on what we call our Independence day which happens every fourth of July. My dad has a cold too...I hope you get better. Now I have some questions for you. What is your favorite color? What do you do for fun when you have some free time? and by the way, I think it is very cool to be a nerd:)

Your letters made me very excited. I do not know of the spring festival. But instead we have easter. I get preasents on new years eve cause its my birthday. I love Chinese food my favorite dish is pot stickers. My mom is a court reporter, and my dad is the teacher that had me be your pen pal. I somtimes have a lot of homework. I am not feeling stressed but I can. I was wondering, what is your favorite animal, who is in your family, do you have any pets, what is your favorite color, and what do your parents do.

My favorite celebrity is Harrison Ford. He played Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones movies which were some of my favorites. Who is your favorite celebrity or famous person?

I am eager to receive your letter.